Fukamushicha is a deep steamed tea with a dark green color, a sweet fragrance, and a full-bodied flavor.
Imagine what happens when you over-boil your spinach; the leaves become extremely soft, breaking apart easily, and the water you boil them in is dyed green with the essence of the spinach leaves.

This is exactly what happens to tea leaves when you steam them for a long time. Perhaps the most popular tea in Japan today, fukamushicha is a variant of sencha in which the leaves are steamed for 60 seconds or longer.

As a result of the long steaming, the leaves become very soft, and break apart during rolling. The dry leaf is very powdery, and when steeped, the water is dyed a deep, opaque green with the leaf particles, so you are actually drinking much more of the leaf and its components – catechin, cholorophyll, theanine, vitamins, minerals.

Deep steaming seems to sweeten the tea leaf, you’ll find a much richer umami flavor than you would otherwise for a similar, normal sencha.

We always use environmentally friendly packaging of our teas. We never use candy, sugar, or flavorings in our teas.

Suggested Steeping

8 ounces of water
1 teaspoon
1-2 minutes

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