Four Seasons Oolong is harvested from a special, relatively “modern” tea plant species that was developed in 1980 in Taiwan’s Alishan mountain region and imported in North Thailand first in 1994. This only very lightly fermented tea with a fermentation degree of 10% or below offers the best of two worlds: the fresh and tart taste of a beautiful Green Tea combined with typical earthy and nutty Oolong note. The intensive, rich scent in the first infusion, already telling quite a good bit of the taste experience to expect. Four Seasons Oolong Tea, a top-quality tea for tea lovers with the highest demands, shows a wonderful light green and yellow color in the infusion.

We always use environmentally friendly packaging of our teas. We never use candy, sugar, or flavorings in our teas.

Suggested Steeping:

8 ounces of water
1 teaspoon
165 F
2 -3 minutes

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