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Tea Savvy

Do you love a good quality loose leaf tea? Then you would love our Tea Savvy selection. This plan is perfect for someone who is either wants quality tea without the price tag of the Tea Connoisseur plan or new to quality teas and wants to develop there palate before getting the Tea Connoisseur. Subscribe.

Tea Connoisseur

For those with a discerning palette. Where you will not settle for anything but the best in tea. You will love our Tea Connoisseur selection. The goal is to source some rare gems, unique blends along with some of the best quality classic teas. Subscribe.

How It Works

For either plan each month you get 4 different loose leaf teas. Each one will be 1 ounce for 4 ounces total or about 40 to 50 cups of tea.

We ship these on the 1st of each month. Depending on when you order your subscription, that will dictate when it gets shipped. If in doubt feel free to contact us.

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