Some people know what they like. I figured I would do some destination teas boxes. This one is for the Chinese black teas. If you are the type to prefer your tea black this box is for you. Get your Yunnan Rice Noodle Soup ready because we have 4 teas in this set with 1 ounce of Golden Monkey, 1 ounce of Lapsong Souchong, 1 ounce of Golden Yunnan, and 1 ounce of Wild Tree Purple. This is for the tea only. The cups are just so you can see the loose leaf tea. Perfect gift for your black tea lover. You can give it just once or as a monthly subscription if you really enjoy and know the teas you like.

Feel good knowing that you are getting your tea from a certified tea specialist since 2009 from the Specialty Tea Institute in New York City who is masterfully sourcing the teas from the farms and blending them herself.

No candies, no sugar, and no flavorings added to my teas and tea blends.

Most are organic and fair trade.

Clean product to allow only quality to show through.

With each box you’ll receive:

4 different loose leaf teas: Golden Monkey, Golden Yunnan, Lapsong Souchong, and Wild Tree Purple.

Each tea will be 1 ounce for 4 ounces total or about 40 to 50 cups of tea.

Brewing instructions of course ?

Boxes ship on or before the 4th of every month, unless you buy just one box. If you buy one box it will be shipped shortly your order.

Orders placed after the 25th of the month will receive their first box the following month.


International customers interested, please reach out to me and we can arrange something!

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 4 in

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