Though North Thailand as a tea cultivation region initially became popular for its Oolong teas, growers in 2011 for the first time produced black tea on the basis of the No.12 plant that already in its first year conquered the hearts of every tea lover, who had a chance trying this high-aromatic Northern Thai tea novelty. The carefully handpicked, processed according to old tradition, as the black tea is called by its ethnic Chinese producers in North Thailand, shows a clear rust-brown color in the cup, and the freshly infused tea’s fragrance courts our olfactory senses with cocoa, nutty and bloomy notes and already anticipates the mild and still substantial aromatic taste of this tea, which is often compared to a dark roast Ti Guan Yin. We recommend an infusion period of well 3 minutes in order to fully assert the wide-facetted aromatic richness of this otherwise very mild tea, which suits very well for enjoyment in the evening, too.

We always use environmentally friendly packaging of our teas. We never use candy, sugar, or flavorings in our teas.

Steeping Suggestions:
8 ounces of water
1 teaspoon
195 F
3 -4 minutes

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