What’s in your tea bags? Some reasons to avoid tea bags

I really like this article because it sums up most of the reasons why I do not sell bagged tea. I believe it can cause health issues and tastes bad.  Although I really like this article, it did not mention that since bagged tea usually uses dust and/or fannings the tea itself goes bad quickly because of the increased surface area.  So mostly likely you are steeping stale or flat tea. This might be why people in this area do not like tea. They are drinking flat, stale, bitter, and astringent tea.

I feel like there needs to be a lot more education in the area I live because many people are a couple decades behind on their tea knowledge or listen to people who do not a have accurate information.  I had a lady who swore by bagged teas and she kept saying High Tea.  She meant a fancy tea, but that would be low tea, tea service, or afternoon tea.  She also mentioned how Watts Tea Room is no more, but she did not mention that the Pfister has Afternoon Tea.  The Pfister uses the correct term and uses loose leaf tea.  She mentioned a bed and breakfast in Milwaukee that just had tea service on Sundays, but the Pfister has it Saturday and Sundays and 4 times slots each day.  I know there is a few months waiting period to have Afternoon Tea at the Pfister and you get what you pay for.  It costs but you get a quality experience. I am trying to give that to the greater Green Bay and Fox Valley area, but old stereotypes died hard.

The two photos below sum up why loose leaf tea is better also. Each one of those oolong teas balls unfurls and needs room to expand like the article I mentioned says.  I really like how they explain it.  So many reasons to use loose leaf tea.

Oolong tea unfurled
Oolong tea