This is a place for me to share my tea adventures, tea news, food and tea related recipes, and some humor too. If it has something to do with tea or tea-related items, especially food, it will find its way into this blog.

You see, my main passion is tea, especially specialty loose-leaf teas; however, I also enjoy cooking gourmet “made from scratch” type fare too and this will be peppered in this blog, especially if I can find a way to relate it to tea.

I am a certified tea specialist graduated from the Specialty Tea Institute in New York City, and learned my craft from some of the top people in the industry, including people whose families owned tea estates for thousands of years. I am also a history and culture geek, so my posts will also have some of that mixed into the blog. My “evil” plot is to instill the passion I have for tea into all of you; then take over the world!

I am always learning about tea and expect to continue until the day I die. This has been a lifelong journey and I have no desire to end it. There have been many great tea people who became friends, where we shared our knowledge and experiences.