I had a networking group where I spoke for 10 minutes just before Christmas and was asked to do a quiz, so I came up with a tea quiz.  For some, this will be easy and for some, it may be harder. Please let me know in the comments your score.

What is the special name for when tea leaves uncurl (unfurl) as hot water is poured on them?

A. agony of the leaves

B. Iron Goddess of Mercy

C. Dancing the tango

D. Unwrapping a present

What is considered the Champagne of Teas?

A. Assam

B. Darjeeling

C. Dragonwell

D. Jasmine Pearl

What is a flush?

A.When a tea blushes

B. A type of tea

C. One of the steps in processing tea.

D. A growing season.

Was tea used as currency?

No, that is crazy

Yes, in the Tang Dynasty

What is red tea?

A. Chinese Black tea

B. Darjeeling black tea

C. Wuyi Oolong Tea

D. Ceylon Oolong tea

What is Earl Grey named after?

A. An Indian estate

B. British weather

C. British colonel

D. 19th-century diplomat to China

When did black tea become the most popular tea in the United States?

A. World War II

B. Revoluntary War

C. Civil War

D. Plymouth Rock

When was iced tea first developed?

A. 1904 St Louis War’s Fair

B. War of 1812

C. The 1880s

D. Revolutionary War

Orange Pekoe tea contain orange flavor?



What are the 3 most popular drinks in the world?

A. Water, Coffee, and Wine

B. Coffee, Tea, and Beer

C. Water, Tea, and Beer

D. Beer, Coffee, and Tea


  1. B
  2. Yes
  3. A
  4. D
  5. A
  6. C, first recorded record
  7. No
  8. C