Nutrition: The health benefits of tea

This is an article from the Irish Times. I find it funny how some people I know in the USA who really like Ireland like coffee. I have met some people who are into Ireland in the USA that like tea too, but for some reason, I know more coffee drinkers who are Irish everything, but tea. Just seems interesting is all. According to Statistics Portal Ireland is the second largest drinkers of tea in 2016, with Turkey having the highest consumption. Most information has Ireland either second or third place for tea consumption, so they really are heavy tea drinkers. I mention this because the article starts with if Ireland had a national drink it would be tea.

Oh on to the article, lol. This article is a lighter read talking about some health benefits or green tea. It does a good job. It also mentions that black tea does have health benefits too. I do like that they mention if you are drinking tea for health reasons you should skip the milk. When people think of the Irish drinking tea they probably think of a black tea with milk in it.