Millennial Tea Drinkers Give Iced Tea a Cold Shoulder

If you click on the title of this post you go to an article about how millennials are opting out of sugary iced teas. I know when I had my teahouse I use to fresh brew my organic loose leaf tea and used no sugar in it.  If someone wanted sugar they could easily add it themselves.  I just brewed hot tea and after it cooled for a bit I would pour over ice.  This must be why I had many people millennial age purchase from me.  I am hoping some millennials after drinking iced tea will discover the tastiness of hot tea, especially in cooler months.  Maybe they may even like it during the hotter months like most tea growing countries.  Most tea growing countries have hot weather year-round and they drink tea year-round. Like how most countries that eat hot or spicy food are in hotter climates.  Time will tell, but if they are looking for the health benefits of tea they would drink it hot.  I am not personally an iced tea drinker but know most people in the United States drink iced tea.