My neck of the woods it has been a colder Spring than usual. Allergies and sinus infections have been kicking my butt lately. So glad that my Tuesday post was scheduled beforehand.  It is funny how the evenings were when I felt the worst at first, but later on, it was the mornings. This week I am just trying to get the minimum done and hopefully soon will be able to focus better.

I just saw the FedEx Small Business Grant for $25,000 yesterday. I had to quickly come up with my application and already know I would have done it differently.  I would have focused on my connections to small farms in origin countries and how it helps those people make a comfortable living and lifestyle. I do not try to low ball them. I want quality tea, not mass produced.  I would greatly appreciate any votes I do get, so thank you in advance.

I have been getting more tea, but not sure which ones I posted about and which I haven’t.  Your best bet is to look at my Tea Time Store to find out.