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We want to infuse our passion for loose leaf tea into you.

At Cultivate Taste we do not use flavorings, candy, or sugar in our luxurious teas. Feel good knowing that a certified tea specialist from the Specialty Tea Institute expertly sources direct, and sells international award winning single origin loose leaf teas online, farmer’s markets, our tea salon, and wholesale. We strive to source organic and fair-trade teas whenever possible directly from the farms across China, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, India, etc… When we blend, we use high grade organic and fair-trade ingredients to enhance a tea not to mask it because we want you to enjoy and develop your palate, while feeling good that you are drinking something healthy too.  We also use eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging because we believe in not harming the planet.



Cultivate Taste 2024: Organic and Fair-Trade Teas

Cultivate Taste 2024: Organic and Fair-Trade Teas

Jennifer Nowicki's journey with tea began at her grandmother's knee, where she cherished moments of sipping tea after family meals. Her passion for tea deepened in Seattle in the mid-nineties, where she discovered loose-leaf teas. In 2005, she pursued formal education...

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