Any event is better when accompanied by tea. A tea event for children and adults is a unique experience that will always be remembered, a perfect way to mark a special occasion. Contact Cultivate Taste for more information.

Tea Tastings: Pu-erhs, Greens, Blacks, Oolongs, Japanese Green Teas – anywhere from three to a dozen teas within a type of tea or focus on one country’s teas

Tea Pairing with Chocolate: A brief background on the production of the cocoa bean and the tea plant and the similarities between the two of them, 6 chocolates and 6 teas.

Pairing Tea with Cheese: This event will have a variety of specialty teas and cheeses has been carefully chosen for sampling and discussion. We will study the different pairings by strengths, aroma, and texture of both the teas and the cheeses and learn how they complement each other.

Bridal Showers / Baby Showers / Family events

Children’s Tea Parties

Tea Makes Any Event Special