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5 Black Tea Properties, Things You Do not Know

5 Black Tea Properties, Things You Do not Know

An interesting article about the health properties of black tea. Most people know that green tea is healthy, but all tea has health properties.  Here are 5 properties of black tea:

  1. Toothache
  2. Having a better heart
  3. What is an antioxidant?
  4. Forecasting cancer
  5. Safe readings

You can read the article to understand why the five properties are important to know.

Scheme Succour For NE Small Tea Growers

Scheme Succour For NE Small Tea Growers

This article gives you an inside look into the tea industry of India. It seems the government of India wants to encourage small tea farmers to grow organic loose leaf tea and to treat the workers well in the process in non-traditional, but still quality growing areas. They want to provide a long-term view of growing tea not just a quick make a profit view. Seems like a smart way to develop a healthy economy for the areas affected.

A few my favorite things for mothers

I do not have my place anymore and got a little sad because I still get requests to book my old place for meetings, bridal/baby showers/etc….  The top portion was absolutely gorgeous and as soon as anyone saw it they were instantly smitten. I had to reject another request today. I miss giving out tulips to mothers and having kids and dads spoiling mothers at my place.  Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day almost always were busy and reservations were recommended. Some Mother’s Day teas and tisanes pictured, but actually, any tea would work if the mother liked it. Rose Niligiri top, Lemon Rose Green bottom left, and Lavender Green Rooibos bottom right.

Six Rs for a low-waste, low-impact life

Six Rs for a low-waste, low-impact life

I really like this article that was posted Sunday about reducing waste. One of the suggestions is to drink loose leaf tea. Loose leaf tea produces a small carbon imprint once it is here because you can always compost the used tea leaves after steeping them. I try to minimize my waste of products and try to buy products that use minimal packaging.

1. Refuse

2. Reduce

3. Reuse

4. Repair

5. Recycle

6. Rot

Foods to add to your diet to keep sunburns at bay

Foods to add to your diet to keep sunburns at bay

I love being outside in the summertime, ok also in Spring and Fall too. Most of the foods I gladly consume already. More green tea it is. The Specialty Tea Institute sends out a weekly email of top stories on tea. I am glad to have learned so much from this organization.  They saved me from the pitfalls of just looking it up on the internet I have seen from other people. I think this article is timely and made me look for a tea infused sunscreen lotion. I liked this recipe but will try loose leaf tea instead of the bagged tea.




Second winter in Wisconsin

The above image was taken outside my window.

Well two weeks ago in the greater De Pere area we got over two feet of snow.  The largest snowfall for April and largest snowstorm to hit the city in 130 years.  Not too long afterward we started getting Spring-like temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s. The Saturday of the snowstorm I went to the Annual Girl Scout Leadership Conference. I was to have two tea parties and teach the ladies some etiquette. My first class was supposed to be full, actually overfull and the other class a smaller one. I was supposed to have 21 and 7 in each class. My personal cap was 20, but I was fine with 21. Well, this was in midst of the storm of the century (literally), so I believe I ended up with only 8 people attending.

What can you do?  Not much. Sometimes the second worst snowfall recorded in De Pere happens mid-April.  The irony of the situation is in the midst of the storm I noticed two years prior I was collecting ramps and had declared ramp season.  Below is a picture of a cardboard box with a saucer with raisins and sesame seeds with a robin I made for the poor robins.  Many robins I heard died in this freakish blizzard. I did not see dead robins, just heard from friends there were some robin deaths. Hardly any snow left on the ground today, just some of the huge piles of snow or areas in the shade.  Last weekend it was so warm you could wear shorts, which was kinda funny because there were still huge piles of snow around.

De Pere business owner finds her cup of tea

De Pere business owner finds her cup of tea

Tina Dettman-Bielefeldt interviewed me last week for this article.   I really appreciate the time she took and I really think she got the heart of my business. Minor inaccuracies like the potential partnership with another friend in Madison was before I opened my teahouse in Milwaukee, but I see that as a minor thing. Things are picking up in my business and hopefully continue. We shall see. I do not want to seem too presumptuous.

Chinese tea harvest predicted to be strong

Weather Watchers Predict Strong China Harvest

This is good for the Chinese farmers and hope it happens for them.  White tea continues to be very popular in China, so customers outside of China will have a hard time finding white tea and it may be pricier too.  Today is the first day to traditionally harvest tea in China in the higher altitudes and a few weeks later for lower elevations. To read more please click on the link.

Pu-erh in a Tangerine


Golden Monkey Black


Below Milk Oolong

28 Healthy Heart Tips


28 Healthy Heart Tips 

My favorite quote in the in the whole article is

“Drink tea

Brew up a heart-healthy potion

No magic is needed to brew up a cup of green or black tea. Drinking one to three cups of tea per day may help lower your risk of heart problems, reports the AHA. For example, it’s linked to lower rates of angina and heart attacks.”

The other tips are very wise also.  If you have a history of heart issues doing a few if all of the tips will help you greatly. It is easier to prevent than to treat with medicine most health issues.


Quiz on tea.

I had a networking group where I spoke for 10 minutes just before Christmas and was asked to do a quiz, so I came up with a tea quiz.  For some, this will be easy and for some, it may be harder. Please let me know in the comments your score.

What is the special name for when tea leaves uncurl (unfurl) as hot water is poured on them?

A. agony of the leaves

B. Iron Goddess of Mercy

C. Dancing the tango

D. Unwrapping a present

What is considered the Champagne of Teas?

A. Assam

B. Darjeeling

C. Dragonwell

D. Jasmine Pearl

What is a flush?

A.When a tea blushes

B. A type of tea

C. One of the steps in processing tea.

D. A growing season.

Was tea used as currency?

No, that is crazy

Yes, in the Tang Dynasty

What is red tea?

A. Chinese Black tea

B. Darjeeling black tea

C. Wuyi Oolong Tea

D. Ceylon Oolong tea

What is Earl Grey named after?

A. An Indian estate

B. British weather

C. British colonel

D. 19th-century diplomat to China

When did black tea become the most popular tea in the United States?

A. World War II

B. Revoluntary War

C. Civil War

D. Plymouth Rock

When was iced tea first developed?

A. 1904 St Louis War’s Fair

B. War of 1812

C. The 1880s

D. Revolutionary War

Orange Pekoe tea contain orange flavor?



What are the 3 most popular drinks in the world?

A. Water, Coffee, and Wine

B. Coffee, Tea, and Beer

C. Water, Tea, and Beer

D. Beer, Coffee, and Tea





  1. A  2. B  3. D  4. Yes  5. A  6. D  7. A  8. C, first recorded record   9. No   10. C