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China Trip March 14 – 28, 2019

March  21, 2019

Well, this was a busy day.  I mentioned the morning last week and this week I will do the afternoon and evening.  We went to the 2019 Zhejiang Longjing Tea Stir Fixation Competition.  It was really nice to see. We were lucky because some of us were able to try pan-firing (fixating) the dragonwell or Longjing green tea. I have tons of videos from the event and even was able to purchase some high-grade Longjing at the Festival.  We were also able to get behind the ropes too.  We were also able to really get to see a tea farm. This was the most extensive of walking and being with the tea plants.  I enjoyed it immensely.  The welcome dinner was this night. I did not take as many dinner photos, I guess I was too busy enjoying myself. Also please click on the links to shorter videos I took. Most are under a minute long,

The first photo is someone in the competition. The second and third photo are pictures of the head of the English tea association. The fourth photo is finished longjing. The fifth photo is fresh tea before it becomes longjing. The sixth photo is comparing the fresh with the finished product. The rest are pictures of our visit to the tea farm.







Tea Consumption Second Only to Packaged Water

Tea Consumption Second Only to Packaged Water

It has long been known that tea is the second most consumed drink in the world. This article is showing that tea will continue to grow and its growth will outpace that of coffee, juice, soda, and other beverages besides water. This article also goes into the fact that most people in the world do not access to clean water. This is a sad thing. People who live in the developed world and have easy access to clean drinking water are truly blessed. The article also goes into the population growth of the world and how it will stress our resources.  It is looking forward to how food and tea growing may competing for growing areas. here is hoping tea will still grow in popularity and that they find a way to grow it so it does not compete with food plants.