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Tea party gifts for special occasions

A restaurant in my area asked to have some small yet special gifts for mothers on Mother’s Day.  They asked for two colors and we agreed two shades of purple would be best. It was such a sweet gesture of theirs and reminds me when I gave out tulips for Mother’s Day.

About a week ago the idea struck me that I have a few of the bags left and they are kinda cool looking.  They might be nice small gifts for different events. Because I use to do a lot of bridal and baby showers at my old tea house that was my first thought, well besides Mother’s Day gifts.  Mother’s Day is almost a year away, but these could be something small to say I care about someone or party favors for different occasions. They can be ordered here or here. They will be made to order and can include any $5 or $6 tea that is in stock. The tea will be loose leaf. I have variables of 1 serving, 2 serving, and 3 serving, but can do more. The colors I have right now are a lavender and dark purple.

Please contact me for special orders with different colors, larger amounts (6 or more), more expensive teas, larger sizes of tea (i.e. 1/2 ounce) or a custom order you may want. These special orders may take more time, so as much advance notice as possible is appreciated and will make the likelihood of it happening greater.  If I can do it I will. I really want to help to make the occasion special.

A few my favorite things for mothers

I do not have my place anymore and got a little sad because I still get requests to book my old place for meetings, bridal/baby showers/etc….  The top portion was absolutely gorgeous and as soon as anyone saw it they were instantly smitten. I had to reject another request today. I miss giving out tulips to mothers and having kids and dads spoiling mothers at my place.  Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day almost always were busy and reservations were recommended. Some Mother’s Day teas and tisanes pictured, but actually, any tea would work if the mother liked it. Rose Niligiri top, Lemon Rose Green bottom left, and Lavender Green Rooibos bottom right.