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Nutrition: The health benefits of tea

Nutrition: The health benefits of tea

This is an article from the Irish Times. I find it funny how some people I know in the USA who really like Ireland like coffee. I have met some people who are into Ireland in the USA that like tea too, but for some reason, I know more coffee drinkers who are Irish everything, but tea. Just seems interesting is all. According to Statistics Portal Ireland is the second largest drinkers of tea in 2016, with Turkey having the highest consumption. Most information has Ireland either second or third place for tea consumption, so they really are heavy tea drinkers. I mention this because the article starts with if Ireland had a national drink it would be tea.

Oh on to the article, lol. This article is a lighter read talking about some health benefits or green tea. It does a good job. It also mentions that black tea does have health benefits too. I do like that they mention if you are drinking tea for health reasons you should skip the milk. When people think of the Irish drinking tea they probably think of a black tea with milk in it.

6 ways of cutting down the risk of Parkinson’s disease

6 ways of cutting down the risk of Parkinson’s disease

A great article to help reduce the effects and lower someone’s chances of getting Parkinson’s Disease. This disease is degenerative, but the progression can be slowed down and maybe prevented if you take some preventative measures like watching your diet, getting more vitamin D3, eat fresh raw vegetables, increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids, drink green tea, and get regular aerobic exercise. The article goes into detail about why each can help.


Irish Breakfast and Cinnamon Chocolate Assam

Two of my newest and latest creations are Irish Breakfast and Cinnamon Chocolate Assam. The Irish Breakfast has been selling quite well. I want to blend a Scottish Breakfast too. I am hoping the Cinnamon Chocolate Assam sells well in the colder weather and it was just last week that I made the blend. I see this tea as a perfect drink for the colder months when you are sitting with your blanket gazing at a fire or reading a book. In winter I tend to always have a blanket over my lap.

Pictured above Cinnamon Chocolate Assam and below is Irish Breakfast tea.


Researches Prove That People Who Drink Tea Encounter Less Cardiovascular Diseases

Researches Prove That People Who Drink Tea Encounter Less Cardiovascular Diseases

This article I got from the Specialty Tea Institute.  It does not focus on the health benefits but gives some statistics about who grows the most tea and define what tea is.  The other half talks about tea health benefits:

  • Tea improves vascular reactivity
  • Drinking Tea helps in lowering Cholesterol
  • Having Low Risks of Getting Heart Attack


A Cup of Green Tea Not Only Boosts Your Metabolism but Your Memory Too

A Cup of Green Tea Not Only Boosts Your Metabolism but Your Memory Too

A decent article about green tea health benefits. Most people know that green tea is good for you and this article focuses on boosting your metabolism and boosting your memory. I know some people say they do not like green tea, but I usually wonder if it is because they have not had a good quality green tea brewed correctly. To really get a good taste of green tea you need a high-quality loose leaf tea. You will also need a good quality spring water that has a balanced ph level, never use boiling water, and steep a couple of minutes (the steeping time varies on the green tea).  Bagged tea gets stale quickly and produces a one-dimensional taste to the brew. Never use distilled water because the tea will taste flat and you do not want the water too acidic nor too alkaline. Using boiling water will burn your tea and leaving the tea in usually produces a too astringent tea. Some or of the above mention are reasons why a green tea may not taste good.  I got this article from the Specialty Tea Insititute.

Top 14 Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

This is an informative article from an Indian medical network online provider and is the number one in India and South Asia. I got this again from the Specialty Tea Institute in New York City. Here are some highlights of a very healthy beverage to drink. Matcha tea is also very tasty.

1. High in Antioxidants

2. Provides Relaxation

3. Prevents Cancer

4. Aids Weight Loss

5. Improves Cognition (brain power)

6. Controls Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus

7. Boosts Immunity

8. Controls Hypertension and Improves Heart Health

9. Improves Digestion

10. Detoxifies the Body and Prevents Renal Damage

11. Fights Bacterial, Viral and Fungal Infections

12. Protects Against HIV

13. Protects Against Eye Diseases

14. Boosts Energy

13 Health Benefits Of Black Tea You Should Not Miss

13 Health Benefits Of Black Tea You Should Not Miss

Really enjoy this article on the health benefits of black tea. It was a thorough article. It was also interesting to see fermentation wording used. Most modern tea educators and tea enthusiasts use oxidization. I haven’t seen fermentation used since my first class or two from the Specialty Tea Institute. Oh, this is yet another article found and circulated by the Specialty Tea Institute.

Here are the health benefits of black tea. To find out more about each one please read the article

1. Fights Free Radical Damage

2. Tackles High Cholesterol Problems

3. Helps Manage High Blood Pressure

4. Fights Cavities

5. Promotes Weight Loss

6. Boosts Immunity And Fights Infections

7. Helps Fend Off Diabetes

8. Is Good For The Heart

9. Reduces The Risk Of Stroke

10. Improves Focus

11. Tones Skin

12. May Protect Against Parkinson’s Disease

13. May Offer Some Protection Against Cancer

Pictures image of Golden Monkey Black tea.

Can a daily cup of tea do a heart good?

Can a daily cup of tea do a heart good?

This is a good article about something I have read several times. It is stated pretty well with a good graphic.  It deals with green and black tea with green tea helping slightly more than black tea though if you really like black tea and dislike green tea continue with black tea. I already really enjoy green tea and drink almost daily so I will continue. I believe part of the reason some people do not like green tea is that they use bagged tea, use boiling water and leave the bag tea until done drinking. A good quality loose leaf green tea with the correct temperature of water and not oversteeped can taste great.  Oh, these articles are courtesy of the Specialty Tea Institute in New York City where I got my certified tea specialist certification from.