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End of March

My neck of the woods it has been a colder Spring than usual. Allergies and sinus infections have been kicking my butt lately. So glad that my Tuesday post was scheduled beforehand.  It is funny how the evenings were when I felt the worst at first, but later on, it was the mornings. This week I am just trying to get the minimum done and hopefully soon will be able to focus better.

I just saw the FedEx Small Business Grant for $25,000 yesterday. I had to quickly come up with my application and already know I would have done it differently.  I would have focused on my connections to small farms in origin countries and how it helps those people make a comfortable living and lifestyle. I do not try to low ball them. I want quality tea, not mass produced.  I would greatly appreciate any votes I do get, so thank you in advance.

I have been getting more tea, but not sure which ones I posted about and which I haven’t.  Your best bet is to look at my Tea Time Store to find out.

28 Healthy Heart Tips


28 Healthy Heart Tips 

My favorite quote in the in the whole article is

“Drink tea

Brew up a heart-healthy potion

No magic is needed to brew up a cup of green or black tea. Drinking one to three cups of tea per day may help lower your risk of heart problems, reports the AHA. For example, it’s linked to lower rates of angina and heart attacks.”

The other tips are very wise also.  If you have a history of heart issues doing a few if all of the tips will help you greatly. It is easier to prevent than to treat with medicine most health issues.


From cherries to matcha tea: The nine metabolism-boosting foods, proven by science, that can help you lose weight

From cherries to matcha tea: The nine metabolism-boosting foods, proven by science, that can help you lose weight

Well, number one is matcha tea. I did a presentation on matcha tea two weeks ago.  I let people try my heritage grade and it tasted lovely with its extra rich savory umami flavor.  I do also have a slightly lower price point matcha that is ceremonial grade and a lovely tea itself bright green and the broth is a grassy green.

Yerba Mate is on the list as well as beet juice, cherry juice, white kidney bean, and black pepper.  All things that are tasty, good for you, and help you lose weight.

You still need to eat healthily and exercise, but if you are having a hard time losing weight, it would not hurt to add matcha tea and/or the other items on this list.  Probably best to add a few from the list, especially if you like to consume them.





Quiz on tea.

I had a networking group where I spoke for 10 minutes just before Christmas and was asked to do a quiz, so I came up with a tea quiz.  For some, this will be easy and for some, it may be harder. Please let me know in the comments your score.

What is the special name for when tea leaves uncurl (unfurl) as hot water is poured on them?

A. agony of the leaves

B. Iron Goddess of Mercy

C. Dancing the tango

D. Unwrapping a present

What is considered the Champagne of Teas?

A. Assam

B. Darjeeling

C. Dragonwell

D. Jasmine Pearl

What is a flush?

A.When a tea blushes

B. A type of tea

C. One of the steps in processing tea.

D. A growing season.

Was tea used as currency?

No, that is crazy

Yes, in the Tang Dynasty

What is red tea?

A. Chinese Black tea

B. Darjeeling black tea

C. Wuyi Oolong Tea

D. Ceylon Oolong tea

What is Earl Grey named after?

A. An Indian estate

B. British weather

C. British colonel

D. 19th-century diplomat to China

When did black tea become the most popular tea in the United States?

A. World War II

B. Revoluntary War

C. Civil War

D. Plymouth Rock

When was iced tea first developed?

A. 1904 St Louis War’s Fair

B. War of 1812

C. The 1880s

D. Revolutionary War

Orange Pekoe tea contain orange flavor?



What are the 3 most popular drinks in the world?

A. Water, Coffee, and Wine

B. Coffee, Tea, and Beer

C. Water, Tea, and Beer

D. Beer, Coffee, and Tea





  1. A  2. B  3. D  4. Yes  5. A  6. D  7. A  8. C, first recorded record   9. No   10. C

Tipping the teapot while camping

This is a reblog from my other blog from last year and still rings true to me and I really like the quote.

I loved going camping in the summer as a child and have many fond memories of telling stories by the campfire.  Watching the memorizing fire and the smell of fire brings me back to my childhood.

When you think of tea you may never think of camping, but many people like to enjoy a little quiet time in the morning before enjoying hiking, swimming, biking, etc….  Tea is the perfect drink to have during camping.  When you get up and revive the fire or re-stoke the smoldering fire from the night before. Put on a fireproof kettle with some water, then make your favorite breakfast and put some loose leaf tea in your strainer of choice or if the teapot has a strainer wait until the water is hot enough and pour the tea in the kettle.  When the kettle whistles just pour the water in a cup with a strainer for the correct amount of time or pour the tea into the kettle and pour when properly steeped.  Relax and enjoy your breakfast, tea and the scenic view in a zen-like peace.  Enjoy tea throughout the day to give yourself a healthy hydrate.

My lovely and sassy friend Wendy gave me a teapot just like the one above. I believe it was her way of repaying me for running errands with her and helping her.

I personally like larger strainers for tea to allow the tea to fully steep, but still a nice picture.

Darjeeling First Flush Experiencing Jittery Start

Darjeeling First Flush Experiencing Jittery Start

Hopefully, this gets resolved soon. If you have not had a really good Darjeeling tea you should. It is complex and has a muscatel quality to most Darjeeling teas. I hope this gets resolved because it is the time for the first flush plucking and the tea is suppose to catch a good price at market.  I talked about this in a blog post before.  The weather has cooperated to bring a high quality tea to be grown in the Darjeeling area. It would be a shame to waste the tea.

Earl Grey Tea Trends on the Foodie Front

I know recently matcha was all the rage for adding to recipes. Also remember pu-erh, lapsong souchong, and jasmine green teas having there times as being popular to add to recipes.  Looks like now Earl Grey is gaining popularity according to World Tea News.  It is predicted to be one of the top 10 Food Trends of 2018.     Mike Kostyo, senior publications manager at Datassential has noticed earl grey has been creeping into menus and cocktails across the country.